Construction of a water well and a school cafeteria - Togoville, Togo


 Location: Togoville, Togo
 Target group: 80 students
 Partner: Pro Togoville, Feldkirch, Austria
 Financing: TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation
 Timing: 04.2011 – open
 Budget: 4,500 EUR

Since 2011, TOOLS FOR LIFE has been supporting this initiative. Over the last years it has been possible to significantly improve the supply of food for the students of one of the four local elementary schools, even though the school cafeteria hasn’t yet been completed. Bureaucracy, as well as political roadblocks, are the biggest obstacles for these projects but the planning and implementation of the cafeteria and the well are progressing. Vegetables are being grown on the fields leased for this project and working livestock facilitate work and nutrition. A small farm will operate with chickens, pigs and other natural resources. Two donkeys were purchased which are used to transport the remaining harvest to the market so it can be sold. TOOLS FOR LIFE is supporting the project in 2014 with a budget of 4,500 EUR.

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