Scholarship for a girl’s school - Togo


 Location: Togo
 Partner: Parish Sankt Anton, Austria
 Financing: TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation
 Time period: since 01.2010
 Project volume: 3,000 EUR per year

For more than 4 years, TOOLS FOR LIFE has supported the initiative of Pastor Augustin from the St. Anton Parish in Arlberg in Tirol. He awards scholarships to young girls in Togo so that these can attend school. Every year the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation supports this educational initiative with 3,000.00 EUR, which has made it possible for many girls to attend school. Then the families don’t have the money to send their daughters to school, while at the same time, do without the help in the household and fields. The training of the girls is also stinted because she, unlike her male siblings, plays a subordinate role in the future support of the family.

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