Well construction for 27 villages in Tikar region - Cameroon


 Location: Tikar region, Cameroon
 Target group: approxx. 10,000 – 15,000 people
 Partner: Rotary Club Königstein (Deutschland) und Rotary Club Le Mans (Frankreich), HITIP (Hope International for Tikar People) und Issa Nyaphaga, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen eV.
 Financing: TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation & Rotary Club Königstein
 Timing: 06.2010 - open
 Budget: 4,500 EUR

The motto “Helping others help themselves”, TOOLS FOR LIFE promotes water analysis and well repair, because the approx. 14 wells that were constructed for the 28 villages require long-term maintenance. Moreover, periodical water analyses are necessary, so that the water quality can be monitored and the health of the regions villagers protected.

A recent inventory done by Issa Nyaphaga showed that from the 28 villages in the Tikar region, 6 were equipped with a functioning pump, in 5 communities the pumps were defect, 3 didn’t function at all and 16 villages don’t even have a pump.

In a best-case scenario, in which all the pumps are installed, over 12,000 people would have simple access to drinking water.

As a first step, we are working towards repairing the 5 defective pumps and purchasing and installing 7 additional pumps. We are also working on the delivery of small equipment (power generator, welding units, etc.), as well as the training of an on-site service team.


In the region of the “Tikars” in Cameroon, the residents are confronted daily with a multitude of difficulties. Other than the most important problem of public health and energy supply, this community has a specific need for drinking water.

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