TOOLS FOR LIFE HEROs 2015 - Kelkheim, Germany


 Location: Kelkheim, Germany
 Target group: All employees of ROTHENBERGER AG
 Financing: TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation
 Timing: 05.-12.2015

The fundraiser for the HERO 2015 is coming to an end. The foundation council chose the winner from 5 international submissions in the fall of 2015.

The candidates:
1. bdks. Malsfelder Werkstätten. A team from the workshop for the disabled has been working for ROTHENBERGER to assemble and manufacture for 15 years.
2. Daniela Schwebel – Perros de la Luz e.V.: Mrs. Schwebel and her partners show the highest commitment to rescue dogs from kill shelters in Spain and Rumania.
3. Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe. The Goal of Krzyżowa is to promote peace and tolerance in the coexistence of different nations, social groups, and individuals in Europe. The organization is committed to international meetings to strengthen the intercultural exchange and cross-border cohesion.
4. Jesús Martín – Bakeleku: Jesús Martín launched the organization “Bakeleku”. A summer camp for children in the northern Spanish region of Euskadi, where children from the Sahara region, who live in refugee camps in Spain, can spend two month of their time. The goal of the “Bakeleku” camp for children is to have kids enjoy a carefree time and to just be kids.
5. Andreas Lutz – Ladakh Clinic: Dentist Dr. Roos from Esslingen established a dental clinic in the Himalaya and is actively supported by the plumbing company Lutz.


The HERO-campaigns first started in 2014. We wanted to award and support people who stood up for the needy and against abuse on a daily basis. We collected 12,200 Euros for our HERO 2014 Pater Antonios. He invested 100% into his project “ARK of the World”.

We asked all ROTHENBERGER employees to look in their private and professional surroundings to find our HERO 2015. Every submission was published on the TOOLS FOR LIFE-website. In the end the Rothenberger family as the foundation board, selected the “HERO 2015” from all the submissions and made his/her project the theme of this years ROTHENBERGER Christmas donation campaign “Spenden statt Schenken”. 100% of the raised funds will go to the project.



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Applicationform HERO 2015

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