Drinking water workshop for the FH Frankfurt Summer School - Frankfurt, Germany


 Location: University of Applied Sciences (FH), Frankfurt am Main, Germany
 Target group: 60 international students
 Financing: TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation
 Timing: 07.–08.2013
 Budget: 4,000 EUR

At the FH Frankfurt, the T4L foundation supported the workshop “Water and Sanitation”, as part of the summer school project “International Encounters – Social Justice”. Over 60 students from around the world participated. The students received an overview of the global facts and improvement potential in the area of water supply and sanitation, with a focus on the country of Ghana. Lectures and workshops were led by Prof. Dr. Nyarko “Challenges of Rural Water Service Delivery in Ghana“.

In summer 2014, TOOL FOR LIFE will sponsor another workshop for the FH Frankfurt summer school. You can read more about the Workshop 2013 in the PDF-Data.


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